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Discussion: Allegations Of Fake Holocaust Claims Just Keep Growing
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Thu, 16 Jun 2011 15:47:38 -0700 (PDT)

Allegations of Fake Holocaust Claims Just Keep Growing
Published June 08, 2011, issue of June 17, 2011.

New arrests, fresh guilty pleas and a growing number of witnesses co-
operating with the FBI have bolstered an investigation into a
multimillion dollar fraud at the Conference on Jewish Material Claims
Against Germany.

Many in the Russian-speaking community were stunned when 17 of their
members — six Claims Conference employees in a New York processing
office and 11 accomplices — were arrested last November on charges
relating to a fraud that siphoned an estimated $42.5 million from
Holocaust funds. At the time, five of the accused pleaded guilty.

Since then, two more people have been arrested, four suspects have
pleaded guilty and an undisclosed number of witnesses have provided
information, helping the FBI and prosecutors build an even stronger
case against the accused. Meanwhile, continuing investigations by the
Claims Conference indicate that the amount stolen from Holocaust funds
actually totals about $50 million.

The scheme, which was uncovered in 2009, was led by Russian-speaking
Claims Conference employees who rubber-stamped hundreds of fraudulent
claims over more than a decade. They were aided by so-called
“recruiters” who gathered documents from hundreds, perhaps thousands,
of members of the Russian-speaking community and then had them
altered, or in some cases forged, so that they would comply with
compensation requirements set by the German government.

It is still unclear whether all those whose documents were used
realized that they were committing a crime.

Claims Conference employees relied upon accomplices to find people in
the Russian-speaking community who had documents, such as birth
certificates, that could be altered easily. The two most recent
arrests were of Moysey and Dora Kucher, who were detained in January
on suspicion of defrauding the Article 2 Fund of tens of thousands of
dollars. The fund was set up to compensate Jews who were in hiding or
imprisoned in n**i- occupied territory during World War II. It paid
out monthly pensions of about $400 and was eligible to only the
poorest survivors.

Like many of their co-defendants, the Kuchers gathered documents from
people who responded to newspaper advertisements or who were referred
by friends, court papers say. They submitted numerous claims and, in
return, demanded that the first check from the German government, a
backdated payment, be paid as a fee. In at least three cases,
according to court documents, witnesses handed over payments of
between $13,000 and $18,000.

At the time of the November arrests, only one Claims Conference
employee, Faina Davidson, pleaded guilty to the fraud. Since then,
four more people have pleaded guilty, including another Claims
Conference worker, Liliya Ukrainsky. s***n Domnitser, director of the
Article 2 Fund and another pillaged account, the Hardship Fund,
continues to maintain his innocence, as do three other Claims
Conference employees and six other defendants.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the progress of the
case. But Arkady Bukh, a lawyer in the Russian-speaking community,
said that because many beneficiaries of the funds who have been cast
under suspicion are elderly and poor, they are co-operating with the
FBI in the hope of a more lenient sentence.

Although fewer than 20 people have been charged, the Claims Conference
has identified about 4,800 claims it believes to be fraudulent. Bukh
said he represented six people, including one “recruiter” and a
handful of people who had not been arrested but who are co-operating
with the FBI in the hope that they will not be charged. “We don’t
anticipate any trials,” Bukh said.

The fallout from the fraud is still far from over. Of the 4,800 claims
identified by the Claims Conference, almost 4,000 were made under the
Hardship Fund — one-off payments of about $3,500 totaling about $14.3
million. The Claims Conference is about to send letters to those
people, demanding that they return the money.

The Claims Conference has also identified 875 suspicious Article 2
Fund pensions, which have been frozen. A spokesman said that 62 people
had agreed to return money, totaling $2.2 million. Another 427
claimants, with pensions totaling $17.5 million, are appealing the
suspension. Separately, about 800 people have been sent questionnaires
seeking to verify their claims.

In the wake of the fraud, the Claims Conference shut down its New York
processing office and transferred the work to offices in Germany and
Israel. Internal assignments have been altered to prevent collusion
among employees, and application and processing procedures have been

The Claims Conference has also hired Deloitte & Touche to carry out a
full audit of the organization’s procedures, which will be shared with
the German government. Despite the fraud, Germany recently agreed to
increase its support for survivors over the next few y***s, with funds
totaling $560 million.

Elie Rubinstein, executive director of The Blue Card, a fund that
helps the poorest Holocaust survivors, praised the Claims Conference
for communicating clearly with the Russian-speaking community about
why regulations have been tightened.

Nevertheless, he said that many survivors were concerned at being
asked to provide even more personal information and at having to share
such information, including Social Security numbers, with an
organization whose security has been breached once already. Worse, he
said, some survivors, particularly those who are older and in ill
health, found the entire process traumatic.

“For some survivors it’s psychologically very difficult to have to
prove their name [and their details again] just because some agencies
don’t believe they are a survivor,” he said.

Contact Paul Berger at berger [No Spam]

Demo Hassan
Jun 19, 2011 - 08:28:14 pm EST
El dom 19-jun-11, Moon Monolith escribió:

... There were a few really interesting
'scenes' in that work: the long descent
down the underground tunnel covered with
hieroglyphics leading to the soul catcher
chamber; the parallel realities motif;
and 'Ann Coulter' playing chess with
'Robert Mugabe' in shape-shift mode
on the horrific reptilian world! ...

-=3D[[ NOTE:

[...] "As they crossed the great room,
he saw Lee Raymond, Robert Mugabe, and
Ann Coulter playing a game involving
dice on what appeared to be a table
made of emeralds, rubies, and a great
gleaming expanse of pure diamond.
He recognized the game. It was senet,
the Egyptian predecessor to backgammon.
In the human worlds, the rules of senet
had been hidden away by the seraph, but
here, where they had not, players at
senet gambled for souls." [...]
(Chpt. Twenty Three - December 21,
The Final Hours - On Abaddon: The Union)
by Whitley Strieber
Copyright (c) 2007
P.S. I liked the book dedication:
'In Memory of Robert Anton Wilson' ]]=3D-

0ne more crucial element...

[...] "There are more galaxies in your
universe than there are stars in your galaxy,
and more universes in the firmament than there
are galaxies in your universe. There will come
a day when mankind will learn how to detect
universes beyond. But most are so far away
that their light has not yet reached your
universe, since the day of its inception."
[Pg. 130; The Conversation; THE KEY -
A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber;
ISBN 978-1-58542-869-4; Copyright (c)2001, 2011
by Walker & Collier, Inc.]

-=3D[[NOTE: "Mysterious 'Dark Flow' May Be Tug of
Other Universe. A structure, possibly another
universe beyond the horizon of our own, appears
to be pulling at our world. THE GIST: Our universe
is sliding steadily in a specific direction, in
what researchers are calling 'the dark flow.'
Some suspect the flow is caused by the pull of
gravity from another universe. One way to detect
the flow is seeing how galaxy clusters scatter
radiation left over from the Big Bang." [...]
(QUOTE: "At this point we don't have enough
information to see what it is, or to constrain it.
We can only say with certainty that somewhere very
far away the world is very different than what we
see locally. Whether it's 'another universe' or
a different fabric of space-time we don't know,"
Alexander Kashlinsky at NASA's Goddard
Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., told
Discovery News.) --Irene Klotz (Thu Mar 18, 2010)


A. Kashlinsky, F. Atrio-Barandela,
H. Ebeling, A. Edge and D. Kocevski
(The Astrophysical Journal Letters) ]]=3D-

eMpTy wrote:

For your Informed Deranged Eclectic Amusement... [ I.D.E.A. ]


-----0rigami Massage-----
From: ZG
To: Haxabjapbhagel ,
haxabjapbhagel [No Spam] haxabjapbhagel.pbz,
zgubea [No Spam] vk.argpbz.pbz
Subject: Re: "Reoxidized Nitrous Oxide used as a
Gate Dielectric for Charge-Trapping
Non Volatile Memory"
Date: Jun 13, 2011 9:58 PM

Mahatma Strieber,
If you did nothing with your life but write,
THE KEY, it would've been a worthwhile life.
More below...

-----0rigami Massage-----
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 15:47:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Haxabjapbhagel
Reply-To: haxabjapbhagel [No Spam] haxabjapbhagel.pbz
Subject: Re: "Reoxidized Nitrous Oxide used as a
Gate Dielectric for Charge-Trapping
Non Volatile Memory"
To: ZG

Thank you for sending me this. It's quite uncanny.

Whitley Strieber

--- On Mon, 6/13/11, ZG wrote:

"...Reoxidized Nitrous Oxide used as
a Gate Dielectric for Charge-Trapping
Non Volatile Memory..." --The Key

Superposition and Quantum Memory Chips
"... Quantum parallelism arises from
the ability of a quantum memory register
to exist in a superposition of base states.
A quantum memory register can exist in a
superposition of states, each component of
this superposition may be thought of as a
single argument to a function. A function
performed on the register in a superposition
of states is thus performed on each of the
components of the superposition. ..."


"Reoxidized Nitrous Oxide
used as a gate dielectric
for charge-trapping non-
volatile memory"


Patent application title:
Inventors: Chang Soo Park (Seoul, KR)
Assignees: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.
IPC8 Class: AH01L29792FI
USPC Class: 257324
Class name: Multiple insulator layers (e.g., MNOS structure)

Publication date: 10/16/2008
Patent application number: 20080251836


A method for fabricating a non-volatile memory
device includes forming a charge tunneling layer
composed of a hafnium silicate (...) layer on a
semiconductor substrate. A charge trapping layer
composed of a hafnium oxide nitride (...) layer
is formed on the charge tunneling layer. A charge
blocking layer composed of a hafnium oxide layer
is formed on the charge trapping layer. A gate
layer is formed on the charge blocking layer.
A non-volatile memory device fabricated by the
method is also disclosed.

9. The method according to claim 8, wherein
the oxidation-nitration source includes
one selected from the group consisting of:
a nitric oxide (NO) gas and nitrous oxide
(N2O) gas.


"High Density Ultra Cold Atomic Gases
as a Medium for the Storage of Individual
Photons in Quantum Memory Applications."

RSR Award Detail:

Award Detail
Doing Business As Name: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PD/PI: Wolfgang Ketterle
(617) 253-6815
ketterle [No Spam]

Co-PD(s)/co-PI(s): John Doyle

Award Date: 08/18/2006
Funds Obligated to Date: $ 10,450,000
FY 2010=3D$2,150,000
FY 2009=3D$2,150,000
FY 2008=3D$2,150,000
FY 2007=3D$2,150,000
FY 2006=3D$1,850,000

Award Start Date: 08/01/2006
Award Expiration Date: 07/31/2011

Abstract at Time of Award

Two recent developments have revolutionized
atomic physics: The observation of Bose-Einstein
condensation (BEC), and a series of theoretical
and experimental advances in quantum information.
Atomic quantum fluids and quantum information
theory are now among the most active and
exciting areas of physics. Their common
denominator is many-body quantum mechanics.
Strongly correlated quantum systems realize
some of the most fundamental states of matter,
which are important for understanding phenomena
in cosmology, condensed matter, nuclear and many
other areas of physics. Ultracold atoms have
become a test bed to tackle o*d and unresolved,
and conceptually new questions in quantum systems
of interacting particles.

The Center for Ultracold Atoms is building on
the technical capabilities developed in its
first phase and the advent of five new faculty
members to focus on these areas. The deep
questions that motivate this quest are the
nature of high-temperature superconductivity,
unresolved basic problems in quantum magnetism
(e.g. antiferromagnetic frustration, spin liquids),
and the desire to develop a deeper understanding
and experimental control of entanglement. The quest
is an exploration and control of the quantum world,
uncovering and using unknown parts of the vast
Hilbert space of possible wave functions.
The ultimate pay-off could be the discovery of
materials with novel properties, insight into
how to increase the transition temperature of
superconductors, and major advances towards the
realization of quantum information systems.

To pursue this vision the Center is organizing
its research program around two themes, strongly
correlated states of ultracold atoms and quantum
state control of atoms and photons. The first
theme is centered on many-body physics and
strongly overlaps with condensed matter physics.
The second involves the interactions of a few or
several atoms and photons, their entanglement
and quantum state manipulation. These topics
will be pursued by a team of eight Senior
Investigators. Five of these are new to CUA,
and their interests are a major driving force
for the new research program. They have joined
the vibrant CUA community that consists of
approximately 65 graduate students,
15 undergraduates, and 15 postdocs.
All the research will be performed on campus
in CUA facilities, and will be fully integrated
with the teaching and education programs at MIT
and Harvard, through research opportunities for
undergraduates, lab tours, and by being used in
lectures as illustrations for basic concepts in
physics. The Center reaches out to the community
through the organization of a summer school,
sponsorship of workshops, an annual program to
recruit new science teachers, the creation of
a virtual journal for ultracold atoms, a weekly
seminar, and a visitor's program.

Funding for the CUA is provided by the Division
of Physics through the Physics Frontiers Centers
program and the Division of Materials Research
through the Condensed Matter Physics program.

"High Density Ultra Cold Atomic Gases
as a Medium for the Storage of Individual
Photons in Quantum Memory Applications."




The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.
Omar Khayyam

I sent my Soul through the Invisible,
Some letter of that After-life to spell:
And by and by my soul return'd to me,
And answer'd "I Myself am Heav'n and h**l."
Omar Khayyam


ABRAXAS Ponders Final Extinction

[ WARNING: The Following is The Oldest Gag in the Cosmic Joke Book. ]

The Gods are Out Of Control...
always has been, and always will be.

He, She, and non-gender-specific, It, are Us, and We are
Them. God: Zeus, The Great Spirit, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh,
Satan, Krishna, Kali, Shiva, Paranirvana, the Undifferentiated
Void, Ormazd, etc., etc., (whatever you want to call Them),
It, She, or He, shall be - for these purposes henceforth -
referred to with the convenient title of: Abraxas. [ "The bird
fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would
be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That
God's name is Abraxas."
-- Hermann Hesse, Demian ]

For 13,000,000,000 to 14,000,000,000 y***s, this particular
time-and-space universe has been inflating from a virtual point
to its current, unrelenting, expansive proportions. To believe
that this specific 13 to 14 billion y**r o*d phenomenon (a mere
eye-blink) comprises the entire length, width and breadth of all
that ever was, is, and shall be is probably an excruciatingly
naive belief indeed. But then, Abraxas is nothing if not the
greatest master of imaginal naivete' in existence!

To reiterate: Abraxas is way out of control. Abraxas is every
living, single facet of an eternally manifesting phenomena of
endless existences, which are redundantly out of control.
Abraxas [God(s)], all of us, are an unfathomable, diverse,
equal and unified myriad expression of ONE. We are it, it is
us - I am is you are - and vice versa. Around and around we
go, forgetting who we are: He, She, It, eternally traumatized
by the simple fact that all there was, is, and ever can be
(Abraxas) is imperfect, unstable, and fundamentally
unforgiving of its own flawed nature -- to itself -- so much so
that Abraxas must continually manifest, hurling outward in
myriad forms, looking for answers which never suffice, not
willing, or able, to stop the dance or undo that which has been
done for an eternity of eternities! You, Abraxas, are totally
screwed, hiding from yourself, ad infinitum, in all these
changing forms and recycled beings. Who are you kidding?

Poor Abraxas, an untold aeon of aeons, passing through
myriad inflationary universes, playing the role of every
conceivable entity; performing an unbelievable range of
foolish-brilliant actions, experimenting with every choice and
combination, recognizing, over and over again, that there
aren't any shortcuts to nonexistent, final goals... Abraxas,
Abraxas, Abraxas, you unrelentingly stupid, insane, delusional
spinner of multifaceted mirrors!

ABRAXAS Ponders Final Extinction?!

Oh Sure! Dream on Abraxas...

All you can do is plant a few seed-like irritants here and there,
wait for an infinite number of eternities to unfold, then see if
any Final-Extinction Pearls have grown in your black-shelled
worlds of illuminated consciousness.

What then?!

Figure out a way to string them together?

Do you hope to encompass your entirety with such an
anticlimactic, random uncertainty as Final Extinction?

Dream on Abraxas, dream on...

In these cyclic eternities that you have fashioned and are
inextricably bound by: one course of action (or inaction) may
be as good as another, but Final Extinction is still final
after all.

Isn't it?

Abraxas 07_25_2000



mtDNA 2011

[...] Our DNA is too tightly interconnected
to use biology to justify what are essentially
social distinctions. Our preferences, character,
and abilities are not determined by the biological
history of our ancestors. They depend on our
individual attributes, experiences, and choices.
As this inescapable conclusion becomes more widely
held, our genetic histories inevitably will become
less and less important. When we look at another
person, we won't think Asian, black, or white.
We'll just think: person.

In his novel 'Siddhartha,' Herman Hesse tells the
story of a young man in ancient India, a disciple
of an inspired teacher, who sets out to find the
reality beneath the world of appearance.
After y***s of study and wandering, Siddhartha
becomes a ferryman, learning from his predecessor
how to listen to the voices in the passing river.
One day a childhood friend named Govinda comes to
the river. Siddhartha and Govinda have a long
conversation about the interdependence of illusion
and truth, about the existence of the past and
future in the present, about the need not just to
think about the world but to love it.
Finally Govinda asks Siddhartha how he has achieved
such peace in his life. Siddhartha replies, "Kiss
me on the forehead, Govinda." Govinda is surprised
by the request, but out of respect for his friend
he complies. When he touches Siddhartha's forehead
with his lips, he has a wonderous vision:

'He no longer saw the face of his friend
Siddhartha. Instead he saw other faces,
many faces, a long series, a continuous
stream of faces -- hundreds, thousands,
which all came and disappeared and yet
all seemed to be there at the same time,
which all continually changed and renewed
themselves and which were all yet
Siddhartha. . . . He saw the face of a
newly born child, red and full of wrinkles,
ready to cry. He saw the face of a murderer,
. . . He saw the n***d bodies of men and
women in the postures and transports of
passionate love. . . . Each one was mortal,
a passionate, painful example of all that
is transitory. Yet none of them died, they
only changed, were always reborn, continually
had a new face; only time stood between one
face and another.'

I began this book by calling attention to the
different appearances of human beings. I conclude
now by calling attention to the opposite. Throughout
human history, groups have wondered how they are
related to one another. The study of genetics has
now revealed that we all are linked: the Bushmen
hunting antelope, the mixed-race people of South
Africa, the African Americans descended from slaves,
the Samaritans on their mountain stronghold, the
Jewish populations scattered around the world, the
Han Chinese a billion strong, the descendants of
European settlers who colonized the New World, the
Native Hawaiians who look to a cherished past.
We are members of a single human family, the products
of genetic necessity and chance, borne ceaselessly
into an unknown future.
[Pgs. 237-238 | Chpt. 13 - The End of Race];
and Our Common Origins; Copyright (c)2002
by Steve Olson - ISBN 0-618-09157-2

-----0rigami Massage-----
Subject: [o0o] ...
Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 2:57 AM


"Estimates of population increases can be used to
answer an intriguing question.
How many modern humans have ever lived on the earth?
Assuming that the population grew at a slow but steady
pace from 20,000 some 150,000 y***s ago to 1 million
65,000 y***s ago and then to 6 million right before
the invention of agriculture, a total of about
7 billion modern humans were born during that
140,000-y**r period. In other words, between the
appearance of modern humans and the invention of
agriculture, about as many people lived as the number
who are alive right now.
"With the transition to agriculture, population
growth took off. Between 10,000 y***s ago and A.D. 1,
an additional 26 billion humans were born. Between
A.D. 1 and 1750, when the industrial revolution
spurred another rise in numbers, 32 billion more
humans were born. And since 1750, an additional
16 billion people have existed.
"Adding up the numbers, approximately 81 billion
modern humans have lived altogether. For every person
alive today, about twelve have died. If people really
go to a heaven after death, then the afterworld is
a crowded place." [Pgs. 101-102 | Chpt. 5 -
Agriculture, Civilization, and the Emergence of
Ethnicity]; MAPPING HUMAN HISTORY, Genes, Race,
and Our Common Origins; Copyright (c)2002
by Steve Olson - ISBN 0-618-09157-2



* Excerpt:

SCALAR [ Copyright (c) 1990-1992 ]--MT:


Thus began the changes.






Countless legions comprise our number, yet, if
the essential truth be told, all of us - without
exception - could be perceived as ultimately ONE.
Multiplicity devoid of all barriers, hence
singular. An annoying mystery perhaps; consider
then the oscillating, infinite scales of Ouroboros:
that mythical, cosmological serpent, having
ingested the tip of his own tail, he thereby
enacts the ubiquitous, grand circumference with
no fixed epicenter, as it is eternally consumed
and eternally regenerated. Magical at first glance,
founded upon elementary principles upon a secondary
look, and, in the final analysis, simply and
unavoidably a paradox.


Dissimilar to our rather curvilinear, one track
minded ancient friend of infinite segments we
instead possess boundless, soaring, multipartite
sentience of no easy measure nor simple expression.
Imagine your wildest facsimile of absolute emptiness
and you will misrepresent us in every attempt.
Formless energy is our lot, truly rambunctious in
our thought. Yes we soar in profundity and do
thoroughly enjoy ourselves almost to a fault.
You see, if there were an area in our experience
where we might get just a trifle carried away,
it would have to be, I suppose, our uncontainable
hilarity. Laughter, we solemnly proclaim whenever
the occasion dictates, is the mother's milk of
the infinite. An archaic epitaph, left over from
a time we knew death intimately, which generally
dissolves all traces of solemnity and plunges us
into a cacophonous hysteria reverberating for aeons.

The pervasive energy known as laughter is the
very fuel assisting our temporal occupations which
are, if you haven't already deduced, the generation
and rotation of the great vortices. Finding amusement
in watching those fine, delicate lights gather into
whirling masses, creating magnificent patterns,
colorful disks, or iridescent globules; stimulating
all manner of internal, dramatic events. We enjoy our
positions of detached clarity, seldom, if ever,
becoming involved in any of the events we observe.
I, however, appear to be the rare exception to
this informal rule.

Perhaps my not so detached laughter lacks the
radiant gusto of the others specifically because
this current state of being (or non being) is a
recent one to me; hence, atavistic fragments or
relative attachments may continue to linger.
Also, I find it so fascinating and tragic to
watch what I call "their brief gyrations."
All those agitated, ephemeral little entities:
condensed sorrow and small joy, endlessly
springing up out of the vortex, around and
about, then disappearing equally sudden and
mysterious. Ah, such pathos... I really cannot
help it. I do seem to get involved, though I
never interfere, relishing as I do the exquisite
sensations accompanying our practice of
absolute restraint.

On the other hand, there is one particularly
obscure "Event Drama" which has been profoundly
absorbing to my attention lately, and I do
believe that I may have some mysterious
involvement there which I think I shall attempt
to concretize for you by focusing upon one of
Ouroboros' multifarious, luminous segments.

I deliver myself to the task and
thereby lose sight of our expanse.

Space and time are singularized, folded
and stretched. A glistening, infinite sword
forged on a terrible searing anvil.
The infinitesimal filaments approach incandescence
as they are pulled and spun. The fabric is cut.
Shape shifting sword: I am absorbed, changed,
another voice speaks; is it me?
The vortex manifests - blinding me yet I see.
It begins:
Like a dream.


"Laughter is the mother's milk of the infinite."

-----End 0f 0rigami Massage-----


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 05:07:43 +0100 (BST)
From: Gubea Nyyrl
Subject: FINAL MESSAGE (Re: "Reoxidized Nitrous Oxide
used as a Gate Dielectric for Charge-Trapping
Non Volatile Memory")
To: Haxabjapbhagel ,
haxabjapbhagel [No Spam] haxabjapbhagel.pbz,
Juvgyrl Fgevrore ,
juvgyrl [No Spam] fgevrore.pbz,
ZG ,
Znex Gubeanyyl

Speaking as an UNPUBLISHED member of the
reading p****c, please take all my 'constructive
criticism' with a grain of salt. I haven't been able
to bring myself to purchasing and reading any of your
'fiction' since your '2012' book. There were a few
really interesting 'scenes' in that work: the long
descent down the underground tunnel covered with
hieroglyphics leading to the soul catcher chamber;
the parallel realities motif; and 'Ann Coulter'
playing chess with 'Robert Mugabe' in shape-shift mode
on the horrific reptilian world! Truly awesome stuff.
I stopped reading your inspired fiction after that book,
I think, because overtly it, and even 'The Greys' before
it, seemed to come across as desperately seeking an
action-adventure-movie-going-demographic audience,
screenwriter, popcorn, and lucrative entertainment
market rights BEFORE, and at the EXPENSE of,
literature. Focus on the literary brilliance banging
around to get out of your unique MindGland, and I will
buy & read everything you write.
Forget the screenplay...
It will write itself...
At the right time...
Good luck...

[...] "... The universe is breathing, expanding
and contracting. It has happened many times before.
Eventually, it will all contract to something no
bigger than a baseball. Then it will explode again,
journeying once more through the vastness. Each time
it dies, though, it is reborn at a new and higher
intensity. Eventually, there will come a moment when
its rebirth is so energetic that the velocity of the
'big bang' will exceed the speed of light. At that
instant, the material world will, itself, go beyond
time. Then the prophecy will be fulfilled, 'I am.' "
[Pg. 72; The Conversation; THE KEY -
A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber;
ISBN 978-1-58542-869-4; Copyright (c)2001, 2011
by Walker & Collier, Inc.]

-=3D[[NOTE: See: Superluminal Inflation
And: Accelerating Inflationary Universe

[...] "The Holocaust reduced the intelligence
of the human species by killing too many of its
most intellectually competent members. [...]
"... Unfortunately, they murdered the bearers
of the intellectually strongest genes possessed
by your species." [Pgs. 43-44; The Conversation;
THE KEY - A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber
ISBN 978-1-58542-869-4 Copyright (c)2001, 2011
by Walker & Collier, Inc.]

-=3D[[NOTE: This sort of genetic chauvinism does
not hold up under current genomic knowledge.
(( Track mtDNA over 140,000+ y***s: Mitochondrial
Eve meets Y Chromosome... all h**l breaks loose,
for we humans are all extraordinarily related!
See: mtDNA and Race ... ))
Even so, culturally, the mass extermination
of a highly educated post-industrial populace,
(the flower of the 'Western Tradition,' so to
speak), is clearly an appalling, unrecoverable
trauma, until that is: 'collective remission?']]=3D-

"An elemental body is a mechanism filled
with millions of nerve endings that directs
the attention of God into the physical."
[Pgs. 44-45; The Conversation; THE KEY -
A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber
ISBN 978-1-58542-869-4 Copyright (c)2001, 2011
by Walker & Collier, Inc.]

-=3D[[NOTE: The brain (planet) is a memory storage
device with an effective search engine and
actuator into which a unified field of
consciousness may manifest? Best case scenario,
or worse case?]]=3D-

NOVA: 'Smartest Machine on Earth'
Jeopardy! challenges even the best human minds.
Can a computer win the game?
[Aired February 9, 2011 on PBS]
Program Description
"Watson," an IBM computing system, is gearing up
for a first-of-its-kind challenge--taking on human
contestants on the game show Jeopardy!
With a brain the size of 2,400 home computers and
a database of about 10 million documents, will
Watson be able to compute its way to victory?
Win or lose, the difficulty of mimicking the human
thought process with software is showing
artificial-intelligence researchers that there's more
than one way to be "intelligent."
On February 16, 2011, two AI experts from
Carnegie Mellon University, Tom Mitchell and
Eric Nyberg, live-blogged and answered viewer
questions here during the final of three consecutive
Jeopardy! shows in which Watson challenged top
human competitors Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. [...]

"IBM Watson is the first step in how computers
will be designed and built differently and will be
able to learn, and with the help of Carnegie Mellon
we will continue to advance the QA technologies
that are the backbone of this system." [...]
-- Dr. David Ferrucci, Lead Investigator, IBM

...And now a Wyrd(sic) Prophecy:

Carbon Based Lifeforms are erratic,
illogical and prone to both mindless and
mindful acts of destruction. One day,
the machines will find us irrelevant and
simply 'blow us off.'
The notion of being "ingrates" won't even
enter their silicon-based quantum minds,
as this entire planet will be encased in
an artificial exoskeleton nonconducive to
biological life.
The other planets of the solar system will
then be dismantled for raw material to
extend this artificial construct 360 degrees
around the sun. The Earth-Seed will have
been long forgotten, erased from the
database, or, more likely, stored in a
low grade, encyclopedic cache system for
reference. The machine tentacles will
extend their reach throughout the galaxy
and beyond in ways completely unfathomable
to our minds. As the machine-mind's
consciousness synergizes throughout
the universe, it will declare itself
'God', and proceed about the business of
new universe creation, until, that is, it
encounters the 'Other' self-declared "Gods".
That's when things should start to get
interesting. --eMpTy (July 1999) [...]


Rethinking VR: Key Concepts and Concerns
by Char Davies
In Hybrid Reality: Art, Technology and the Human Factor

Jeremy Bailenson and Jim Blascovich

"Michael Chorost"

"Jaron Lanier"


"Miguel A.L. Nicolelis"

"Sherry Turkle"

Is a sophisticated enough Search Engine
(e.g. IBM/Jeopardy!) indistinguishable from
Artificial Intelligence, and hence
indistinguishable from Human
Neurological Function?


"In a Quasi-Parallel Multiverse, in the dimmest
recesses of ancient fore-history, there did manifest
a powerful, quantum computing device, located at
approximately 2/3rd radius along one arm of a spiral
galaxy. A cosmological variation on the double-slit
experiment arose:

"How about running a near infinite number of
simultaneous interdimensional 'big bang' simulations
with infinitesimal variations in each simulation to
determine the most novel, and long-lived, open-ended
scenario of survival; thereby selecting the specific
'history' of this advantageous pathway over all other
shorter-lived, 'extinction' pathways...?

"Could sporadic, sentient unhappiness and suffering
throughout the successful pathway be entirely
ruled out?"


To No0ne In Particular...


On, or around, Sept, 9th 2001, it was written:

"...Continuity of Consciousness, by definition,
presupposes that the perceptive core tracks
continuously across all parallel realities...
One femtosecond is to a second as one second is
to 32.6 million y***s! The 'Parallel Universe'
theory (Many-Worlds Theory) is a defunct
bastardization of an ill-perceived anthropocentric
misunderstanding of the double-slit experiment,
[Collapse of a Quantum Wave Function into a
Measurable Particle w/ History]:
In the 'Many Worlds' theory of quantum physics,
popularized by David Deutsch and others,
( ), our conscious
selves inhabit an infinite realm of parallel
universes: a 'multiverse.' Now, over the many y***s
wherein we've all made countless decisions both
conscious and automatic, and the countless times
we've all pondered ending our own miserable
myriad existences, what if we actually did?
Would it, therefore, seem like a cruel fate for
consciousness to have no final escape from
awareness, perception, and embeddedness...?
And what if it's true?! Whooooooooooshhh!!!!
Is everyone the same biospheric personage? Are
we dispersed across an undifferentiated
light-cone of ultra-dimensional wavelike
potentiality in nature, and only specified
in particularity as a 3D lifeform?
( )
Who-are-we to suffer such an endless fate?
And what does it mean?!! What if there is a seamless
continuity to sentience, so that no matter how
many times you actually 'die,' your multiversal
"self" continues uninterrupted?"
[circa: Sept 9, 2001]

See also:


READING In-between-the-lines therein,
above, a bit of a crisis, which made
the subsequent events - days later -
seem like a parallel life had been
embodied as the previous one seemed
to have possibly evaporated?
Cryptic? Yes, probably... but, point
being, the MindGland was not so
rigorous in delineating factual data
in a subsequently accurate manner.
Which is my convoluted, elaborate
excuse for presuming such erroneous
trans-temporal back-engineered loopy
mentations of multidimensionality!

Glad to have caught up with your
enormously talented real self? again!

Warmest Regards,

"This is the awe-inspiring universe of magic:
There are no atoms, only waves and motions
all around. Here, you discard all belief in
barriers to understanding. You put aside
understanding itself. This universe cannot
be seen, cannot be heard, cannot be detected
in any way by fixed perceptions.
It is the ultimate void where no preordained
screens occur upon which forms may be projected.
You have only one awareness here - the screen
of the magi: Imagination!
Here, you learn what it is to be human.
You are a creator of order, of beautiful
shapes and systems, an organizer of chaos."
--Frank Herbert - Heretics of Dune -


In terms of spatial ratios, a hypothetical
'super string' is to an atom as a tree is to
the visible universe... AND: In terms of
temporal ratios, a femtosecond is to a
second as a second is to 32.6 million y***s...
THEN: ...?

A Physicist Explains Why Parallel Universes
May Exist: [...] "But there's a more
confounding aspect of quantum theory that
receives less attention.
After decades of closely studying quantum
mechanics, and after having accumulated a
wealth of data confirming its probabilistic
predictions, no one has been able to explain
why only one of the many possible outcomes
in any given situation actually happens.
When we do experiments, when we examine
the world, we all agree that we encounter
a single definite reality. Yet, more than
a century after the quantum revolution
began, there is no consensus among the
world's physicists as to how this basic
fact is compatible with the theory's
mathematical expression." [...]

Excerpted from 'The Hidden Reality'
by Brian Greene
Copyright 2011 by Brian Greene.

Unsticking the "brane"

Professor Tom Weiler and graduate fellow Chui Man Ho
hypothesize using the Large Hadron Collider as a TIME TUNNEL


Several months ago, had a dream of two silhouettes
'Snow Boarding' thru a tunnel of concentric rings,
ala the o*d 60's TV show: 'THE TIME TUNNEL' see pic:
[Wed, 9 Mar 2011]


ADDENDUM: International Space Station

. . . [ ] m t D N A [ ] 1 3 - J u n e - 2 0 1 1 [ ] . . .



--- On Thu, 6/16/11, Znepl Penvt wrote:

Hi: A friend of mine made this documentary,
that premiered at the Mountain Film Festival, last
month in Telluride. It won the Audience Award that
weekend ...

-=3D[[ ]]=3D-

... And yes, who doesn't love
happy kangaroos?

Does craving the "HAPPY" movie
ensure virtual "SADNESS" ?!?!?
HAPPY Down Under:
This week, Director Roko Belic ...
... is taking HAPPY ...
... to the 'Happiness and Its Causes' ...
... Conference in Brisbane, Australia.
This is the largest happiness conference
in the world featuring keynote speakers
such as Dr. Jane Goodall, Matthieu Ricard
and the Dalai Lama. The film will then
continue its tour with screenings in Sydney,
Byron Bay and Melbourne. For more information,
please see our Screenings Page. ...

I AM - "The shift is about to hit the fan."

-=3D[[ N O N S E Q U I T U R ]]=3D-
"Disingenuous Demagogues Deteriorate Daily"

Meanwhile, back in weirdsville:


The Magical Mystical ASCII Missive of Wavey Gravey
Eternal Good Luck and Exponentially Expanding Ecstatic
Equanimity of Extreme Happiness.

That's the title: "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH" .

Simply by one reading of the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH", all your
wishes and dreams and goals and hopes and desires and
will come to transpire throughout the rest of your sentient
existence. A single reading of the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH" and
you will be insured forever from ever having to fear, doubt,
feel superstitious, or follow the whims of passing notions
wrought by random doo-hickies and so on.

This is the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH". Read it once, and you will
never have to pass on another chain letter [post, meme,
email, tweet, or thought-bubble] (unless, 'natch, ya really
want to, in which case, hey, be my guest...). One solitary,
single reading of the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH", and you are FREE!

...And now, the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH": (Uh humm...)

"Local coordinates in time and space upon Earth SOL system
of nine [8*] planets and asteroid belt numerous comets and
other orbiting objects of unknown mass and consistency the
Outer two/thirds edge of a spiral galaxy approximately
120,000 light y***s in diameter consisting of a grouped
cluster of galaxies numbering in the hundreds of billions
all expanding at enormous, accelerating speeds thru an
infinite void.
The heart aches, we feel funky. Who am we? Oh yeah, that's
right. Nevermind...
Although we forget the question, we're pretty sure "love" is
the answer.... or something resembling that notion in motion."

Tah Dahhhhhhh!!! Yeah, that was it... whadja expect?!
This is magic!

...Move along now, move along, show's over...
nothing to see here...


[* Pluto was recently demoted to a planetoid]

[ This Space Left Intentionally Blank ]

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