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John Winston...
Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:54 pm
Subject: How Big Is Nibiru? Nov. 15, 2010.

This shows how big Nibiru is in relation to our
present Earth.


On 24 January 2008, Rob Sol=E0rion delivered a lecture on
Planet X Nibiru to the Ark-La-Tex Theosophical Society
meeting in Avery, Texas, west of Texarkana. Excerpts of
this lecture have been uploaded to Google Videos: 44
minutes (file size 60MBs). You will need a broadband
connection (DSL or cable) to view

HERE for the video.
On 11 June 2008 I established a blog at Google's
Blogspot.Com. The purpose of the blog is to allow a
open discussion of the survival techniques and
possibilities following the upcoming Crossover of
Planet X, which could occur at any time over the next
4-5 years. Anyone may use this blog to post a question
or a response. I'll try to visit the blog myself a
couple of times a day; but if I overlook a comment
directed to me, then you can always email me personally
about it, using the "Email Me" link at the bottom of
each webpage. Please be polite and considerate of
others in what you post to the blog. This is an
important subject for our times, and I hope that you
enjoy the comments! Regards, Rob Sol=E0rion, 18 June 2008
By way of preface, let me state that that this is my
own personal theory, albeit it based upon the
pioneering research of both Zecharia Sitchin and R.A.
Boulay. Mr. Sitchin and Mr. Boulay disagree on the
nature of these "g-ds" (whether they are "humanoid" or
"saurian"), and in that debate I fully support the
contentions of Mr. Boulay. A photograh of Mr. Sitchin
and a list of his books are appended below. I do not
have a photo of Mr. Boulay, but his first-edition book
Flying Serpents & Dragons can be read at this website
in both English and French.
Also, the use of royal titles for the hierarchy of
these "go-s" (Emperor, Prince, Duchess and so forth) is
purely of my own invention and is intended to convey to
the reader the sort of royal relationships that exist
amongst these Nibiruan entities.
After the discovery of the Planet Pluto in 1930 CE,
astronomers soon noted that earlier theories regarding
the hypothetical influences of such a planet on the
orbits of Planets Uranus and Neptune were not validated
by the existence of only Pluto. So eventually in the
1970s after computers were becoming commonplace, a
computer-generated model of this
Planet X, as it was called, was created. It was
determined that Planet X would have to be at least five
times bigger than the Planet Earth. They also
calculated the length and shape of its orbit around the
Sun as well as the number of years necessary to
complete such an orbit. In 1983 with NA-A's
cooperation a group of astronomers began a
comprehensive survey of the sky with the Infrared
Astronomical Satellite (IRAS). In the fall of that year
the IRAS discovered several moving objects in the
vicinity of this solar system, including 5 previously
unknown comets, a few "lost" comets, 4 new asteroids
and "an enigmatic comet-like object". Headlines read
"Giant Object Mystifies Astronomers" and "Mystery Body
Found in Space". In The Washington Post was the
headline and story "At Solar System's Edge Giant Object
is a Mystery -- A heavenly body possibly as large as
the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth
that it would be part of this solar system has been
found in the direction of the Constellation Orion by an
orbiting telescope called the IRAS. So mysterious is
the object that astronomers do not know if it is a
planet, a giant comet, a 'protostar' that never got hot
enough to become a star, a distant galaxy so young that
it is still in the process of forming its first stars,
or a galaxy so shrouded in dust that none of the light
cast by its stars ever gets through. 'All I can tell
you is that we don't know what it is,' said Gerry
Neugebauer, chief IRAS scientist."
The U-ited States G-vernment squashed the story
immediately! For some arcane top-se-ret reason the
gov-rnment doesn't want to alarm or panic the general
public by disclosure of this discovery. Why? Because a
ra-e of reptilian super-beings inhabits that planet,
and common knowledge of this fact would have people
screaming in the streets. Listen to this story.
Long, long ago, approximately 500,000 years back into
the past, our Planet Earth/Tiamat was a quite different
place than it is today. To clarify a point, this
planet's original name is Tiamat. The nickname "Earth",
from the Greek "Gaia", is only a recent innovation.
Herein, this planet will be referred to as Planet
Tiamat. A half a million years ago, Tiamat was not
located in Space where it is today. It orbited farther
out from the Sun, in between the orbits of Mars and
Jupiter. Mars was orbiting at a distance much closer to
the Sun than now and was quite habitable, with a
temperate climate and liquid water.
This fact has been verified numerous times by NA-A and
other scientific groups.
What those groups do not acknowledge is the fact that
Mars had a different orbital pattern than today.
Establishment groups do not accept a cataclysmic
e-vution of this solar system, at least not publicly.
Then, too, Tiamat's system was closer to the
Star Sirius (or Sothis, as the ancient Egyptians called
it). This solar system and the Sirian planetary system
are part of a unit. The two systems are gravitationally
connected to one another, a new fact that is now
beginning to gain widespread consensus from the
scientific community. Our "Sirian Regional System" as a
unit revolves around the Central Sun Alcyone in the
Pleiades Cluster, which might be termed "the Pleiades
Quadrant". This greater sector revolves around the
Galactic Center, in the direction of the Stars of
Sagittarius, once every 200,000,000 years or so. What
is so significant about our present-day epoch is that
certain great cycles relating to orbital alignments
within the Pleiades Quadrant and between this Quadrant
and the Galactic Center are starting to repeat
themselves, and there's nothing that we can do about
it. It's happening, folks! Prepare for the unexpected!
This Great Cycle should be in full swing by 21 December
2012 CE. Mark your calendars!
But returning to the history of Nibiru andiamat, our
planet had a much colder environment than today. The
humanoid population, which our paleontologists and the
like call "Neanderthals", were hardier and hairier than
we are. They lived in caves to take advantage of the
natural internal warmth of Tiamat. These early
Tiamatians were directly descended from ancestors in
the Pleiades, a fact that can be amply verified by the
history and mythology of the Mayas and the Polynesians,
to name a couple. However, the Pleiadian origins of
Tiamat in the first place will not be discussed in this
brief history. That is for another time and space.
This solar system was internally stable 500,000 years
ago. But an unanticipated, strange event occurred. One
of the larger planets from the Sirian System had
strayed off course eons before and had drifted our way.
This planet had been unwittingly captured by our Sun
and thrown into an extremely elongated comet-like orbit,
lasting 3,600 of our current years, with its aphelion
at the Oort Cloud, the very boundary of the Sun's
gravitational field. It is approximately the size of
our Planet Neptune. It is populated with a reptilian
super-rac- governed by an e-ite aristocracy known as
"the Nefilim". The general population is known as
"Anunnaki" (Sumerian) or "Anakim" (Old T-stament). At
the time of this event, the Planet Nibiru was being
ruled by Emperor Alalu and Empress Lilitu. After its
capture by our Sun, the Planet Nibiru slowly began to
suffer atmospheric deterioration. The governing
"Council of Twelve" headed by Emperor Alalu met in
emergency session and concluded that in order for their
planet to survive, a heat-shield of gold dust would have
to be constructed to protect their atmosphere and
prevent a cooling off of the planet, which would have
been disastrous for a reptilian-based existence
constantly dependent upon external heat sources for
bodily warmth. They began an immediate exploration of
their new solar system. A fleet of spacecraft was
dispatched to Tiamat and other planets in an attempt to
search for gold.
Emperor Anu & Empress Antu Crown-Prince Enlil &
Crown-Princess Ninlil Prince Enki & Princess Ninki,
Prince Nannar & Princess Ningal, Prince Utu &
Princess-Royal Inanna Prince Ishkur & Queen Ninkhur
"3" Emperor Anu, Prince Enki, Princess-Royal Inanna
The above graphic, obtained from a website, is supposed
to be the insignia of Nibiruan Crown-Prince Enlil,
Y-hweh, Zeus, Osiris, Thor. Probably it represents the
central core of the Winged Disk.
The following are images from the Internet of
depictions of the Winged Disk. If you are interested
further, you can contact me or search at Google or
elsewhere for additional information. Some of these
Internet images are corrupted.
Commander and Crown-Prince Anu, along with his two sons
Enki and Enlil and daughter Ninkhursag, landed in what
is now the Persian Gulf and first went ashore in what
is now modern-day Kuwait. Eventually they established
a spaceport in Mesopotamia at a place known in our
mythology and religion as E-din or Eden.

Part 1.

John Winston. johnfw at (no spam)
Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:54 pm
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[quote]Subject: How Big Is Nibiru?              Nov. 15, 2010.

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