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Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:59 am
We pray for these people...

Evangelist Roy Hale- heart disease, diabetes, copd, and liver

Herman Agura- his body is swollen in some areas,

David Frishkorn of Ohio- Ms, elephant man disease, and paralyzed from
his ears down,

Heather, single mom w/3 kids- drug resistent MRSA,

Mary Munsey- had another stroke,

Joan Burger's grandparents- heart problems, diabetes, and general bad
Charles' nephew, Jacob Collett- accident with head injury,

Randy Lankford- too much medication and personal problems,
Bishop Terrance Jones- parkinsons disease,
June Burke- congestive heart failure,
Pastor Paul- eye problem,

Carol Moore- problem with sugar diabetes,
Christina Rice- personal problems with her mother,
Ronnie Baker's daughter- internal bleeding, emergency operation,
Monique Novak- in ATV accident with very bad injuries,
Glenn Beck- macular dystrophy, it may make him blind,

5 year old Andrew McKinney- fell on a tent stake,
Larry Fain- in critical condition waiting for a liver,(update- has
received a liver transplant thank you Father)

Susan Ford- huntington's disease,

Doris Hale- shoulder and knee problems,
CathyKat and her family,

Wilbur Roane- Parkinson's Disease,
anonymous (You Know who)- MS- Multiple Sclerosis,

.......and others that we do not know about.

Thanks for helping me pray.
Let me know if anyone needs to be added to the list.
God Bless
Ken O.
alienken5109 at (no spam)
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