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Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:33 am
==========“ Martial Law in America "===========
The Hive Mind!”
“Come unto Me, My Blessed Child; for I am your Father Yahweh, yea
Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, look and behold the vision,
which is before you and tell Me what you see.”

“My Lord, I see men and women, who are dressed in party attire, the
men with suits and clean shoes, their faces cleanly shaven, or their
beards neatly trimmed. And, I see women, who are dressed as women of
old, who wear long, billowing skirts, their heads covered with bonnets
or other attire.

My Lord, it is a party, as I behold that the violin is playing, but
the music is of old. I hear some drums also. I smell alcohol, perhaps
rum, and I see in the background that this great celebration is taking
place on a plantation. For, I see the great house with the very large
columns, which adorn the large porch.

This could be a scene straight from the movie, “Gone with the Wind,”
for I also seek blacks, who are serving the whites. My Lord, what does
this mean and why do You show me this now?”

“My Little One, see the romance! See the ideals of a time, which is
gone by.”

“Yes, my Lord, but why do You show me this?”

“My Little One, so many in the USA are in love with the American past.
They believe that the American dream still exists. They believe that
you still have a constitutional republic, and they believe in the good
life! But, My Little One, the good life for America is gone! The
American dream is gone, yet so many still stubbornly hold onto it.
Now, My Little One, tell me what you see.”

“My Lord, I see someone, or something, which looks like the evil
“Darth Vader” creature of the movie, “Star Wars”, of years past. Yet,
momentarily, his countenance changes, and even his form changes
somewhat. However, there is no doubt that, even as he changes his
faces and appearances, he is still one in the same; and he is evil!
Yet, as he speaks, his speech is garbled and I cannot discern what he
says. It seems that he is speaking in slow motion.”

“ ‘Tis so, My Blessed Child; but when I speed up his speech, what do
you hear?”

“My Lord, these are the words that the Darth Vader look-alike speaks:
‘This is the day that our God, Lucifer, has made for us; and we shall
ride, yet without total conquest, over this once great nation (of
America). Get your battle shoes ready; for this is a nation, which
sleeps; and we shall take them while they sleep. Yes, some few see and
know, but we have (micro) chipped them all, even in our own ways of
stealth and cunning; and they neither know, nor perceive, that in a
time of darkness, we shall swoop upon them as a great eagle, and we
shall take them unawares. For, in our stealth, we have marked all of
the loudmouths! We have marked all of the proud and newsworthy! We
have marked all of the whistleblowers! And, if any have squeaked, we
have found them! We have also made sure that we have found and marked
all of the preachers, who have found the secrets of their own light
journey; and all are under our constant surveillance!

Have any escaped our vigilant eyes? No, none! No, not one! Now, you
see that the gates are closed upon this nation! We have crippled it!
We have brought it to its knees and with just one signal we shall blow
up the Gulf of Mexico! It is ours and within our very reach to do so;
and while they sleep, we will inundate them with water and burn down
the whole coastal areas of the Gulf! It is ours and it is within our

Who can now stop what our God gives us, for this is decreed! It shall
come to pass. We shall bring forth, through our own might, a full
rupture of the earth; and we will drown, and we will burn up the evil
ones, who live along the whole coastal areas.

Then, it will all come to us! It will be ours! This land comes to us
and all that is in it now belongs to us; for our man now rules and he
is one of us! His every move is our move! His every word is our word!
For, we have created him and made him to be one of us, to think,
believe, say and do all that he is programmed to think, believe, say
and do. On his shoes are the Marxist, communist, Nazi emblems (the
swastikas). These emblems are embedded in his hands, within his heart
and mind and he will see to it that America burns! For, he is not of,
by and for America, but is of the collective.”

And, with these words, the vision ends… “My Lord, this is a terrible
vision. Oh so sad! Father, please tell me more.”

“My Little One, do you know why I took the great dragon from the Gulf
of Mexico; and do you know why I placed the three giant, geographical
angels into the great crevice, which now appears on the Gulf floor?”

“My Lord, I believe You did these things for this reason: A friend and
I prayed that you would not yet allow the great methane bubble to be
released from beneath the floor of the earth. For, My Lord, we are
told that this methane bubble is the size of Mount Everest and that if
it ruptures, it will cause a great tidal wave, which will flood the
Gulf Coastal areas. Also, my Lord, since a great fire is roaring on
the ocean as British Petroleum is burning much of the oil and methane,
which surfaces, this great methane bubble is sure to ignite and to
cause a roaring fire and explosion! This great explosion will move
inland to burn up and destroy much of the coastline, and along with it
will come a great tidal wave, which will bring an even greater

So, My Lord, my friend and I came to you in prayer and agreed before
You as touching this thing, that You would not yet allow this methane
bubble to burst, not now anyway, but that you would allow some time
yet for these people to repent, or to move away from these areas of
danger. Otherwise, so many will die in their sins and will not be here
to repent during the Great Tribulation. My Lord, we prayed these
things and thereafter You removed the great dragon from the Gulf; for
he was wreaking havoc. And, You then placed three giant, geographical
angels into the great crevice, which is within the sea floor of the

“Yes, My Little One, through My great love for the people, I have done
these things. Yet, have I in any way, promised you that this methane
bubble would not rush forth to accomplish what is foretold?”

“No, my Lord, You have not told this!”

“And, have I told you at any time that I have caused the angels to
stop the oil from gushing into the Gulf?”

“No, my Lord, you have not!”

“And, have I told you at any time that the polluted waters of the Gulf
are no longer polluted and that the seafood, which comes from the
Gulf, is safe to eat?”

“No, my Lord, You have not. My Lord, British Petroleum continues to
poison the Gulf and to poison the people, who live along the Gulf, by
the spraying of Corexit into the oil to dissolve it! And, most all of
the leaders, who are at the head of this nation, are involved in the
murder of so many, all for financial gain.”

“And, again, My Little One, you see the hive mind! For, they are all
micro-chipped, constantly under surveillance and under mind control!
Do you see what has taken place, while you, as a nation, have slept?

My Little One, through your much suffering, you have warned them! You
have told them what would come upon them; yet few believed and most
fled from you!”

“So, Father, what will be? Will the methane bubble soon surface? Or,
will You give a little time for the people to repent, and/or to flee
from the Gulf area?”

“My Little One, the wise ones will both repent and flee from the Gulf
area; and I tell you that they will flee inward for several hundred
miles! For, there will come a time, and soon, when this great methane
bubble will surely make its way to the surface. For, I will also make
it so! There must be a very real repentance among the people to
lessen, or to minimize what will surely come to pass! But, I tell you
now that I know how people are! They love the good times! They also
hold onto the American dream and believe that somehow things will be
fixed again. But, I tell you now that outside of a very great
repentance on their parts, this great destruction will come to pass,
and it will be far worse than anyone can imagine! Therefore, the wise
ones will both repent and flee from the whole area!”

“My Lord, You have said that You will send me to the Gulf Coast in the
fall. Why will You do this when You believe that few will repent?”

“My Little One, you pray for My mercy for these people and as such I
am willing for you to go to the Gulf Coastal areas; for I will release
more geographical angels in these areas. Yet, if the people will not
repent, I will restrict these angels in what I allow them to do.”

“So, my Lord, if there will come large numbers, who will repent, it
may be that, even when the bubble surfaces and explodes, that You will
also protect certain areas to some degree.”

“In My great mercy, I am able to do this! But, I also warn in advance
that the greatest numbers will not repent. Therefore, I warn Mine to
get out now and to move inland!”

“My Lord, how long do the people have? For, surely, martial law is
about to come down on this nation!”

“You are correct, My Little One! Martial law will close in on America,
like an iron claw, and soon! Yet, I hear the cries of My people! I am
a merciful God and even in the midst of My great judgements, I will
pour out My mercy! Yet, I also now give this wisdom to all, who have
the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Repent, take your families and
your belongings and flee from the Gulf coastal areas and move far

“So, Father, You will send me along the Gulf States, where You will
release more giant, geographical angels, but what about the healing of
the waters, which You previously spoke of?”

“My Little One, I have told you of the great miracles, which I wish to
give to the people! Yet, how many care about these great miracles? How
many have invited you to come to their areas to pray for them and to
pray for the healing of the waters?”

“My Lord, only one has written, showing an interest in this trip.
Father, I am concerned that when You send me and the manchild, that
you will bring further judgement, as so many do not care about You,
and will not repent.”

“My Little One, if others wish for you to come and to pray for them
and for the healing of the waters, they must write to you and invite
you! Otherwise, I will send you only for the releasing of these
angels. But, know one thing! Where your feet go, I go! Where you feet
settle, I settle; and your visit will put many things boldly in My

With this, we sill stop for now. Type and post soon. I am your Father
Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of August, 2010,

Linda Newkirk


Chapter Seventy-Four

“The Great Methane Bubble!”
“My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God;
and I bring you back now to show you what is going on. Look and

“My Lord, I am back once more on the sea floor; and the holy manchild
and I enter down through the great crevice, which is on the ocean
floor. My Lord, it seems that this crevice is actually opening up
more. This, I can see, when I compare the size of this opening to our
last visit. My Lord, this great crevice is now divided into other
parts. So, I see now that there are, in effect, three crevices in one!
My Lord, the oil is still gushing upward and I do not believe that I
am at or near the drilling site. If this is the drilling site, such a
bore hole can no longer be seen at all. My Lord, what do You want me
to see?”

“Go down into the crevice.”

“My Lord, the holy manchild and I continue to descend and quickly so
until we come to an area where I can clearly see the three giant
geographical angels. They stand around a great area, which is like a
big lake, or a small sea unto itself. One of the angels points to show
that the small sea is part liquid and part frozen. I see tears in the
eyes of one of the angels and I want to see why he weeps. I hear his
thoughts, ‘This is beyond our hands, beyond our hands to prevent.’

I look beneath the angel to see a great fiery presence, which appears
to be molten lava, indeed a very great reservoir of molten lava; and
the feet of the angels are within this lava. I now catch the smell of
this caustic mix and I feel so much love and compassion for these
mighty angels, who stand within it. (These angels are about two miles

This great bubble of frozen methane is melting. Perhaps, one third to
one half, is now liquid and this liquid is restrained from coming
quickly to the surface, only by the power of the Most High God Yahweh.
Yet, a great stream of it is most certainly rushing forth in liquid

I see the great anguish in the faces of these mighty angels, the
sorrow, the pain, and the dread; and I feel so heartbroken! “Oh, My
Lord, I feel so sad! The people do not know. The wicked ones conceal a
lie, but My Lord, this liquid methane, this great melting mountain of
methane, is only being held in place because of Your mercy. Oh, my
Lord, I so greatly fear what I see. For, the molten lava, alone, which
rests beneath the methane bubble, is surely capable of igniting the
methane and creating the great explosion, which will be heard around
the world! Oh, what great loss of life will ensue! Oh, my Lord, how my
soul travails.”

“So, My Little One, which is more merciful? To allow the bubble to
escape and to kill many, saving them from the terrible agonies of the
poisons, which are already upon them? Or, to give more time, where few
may repent, yet great numbers will die terrible and agonizing deaths?
For, your government and Satan’s new world order crowd will continue
to spray corexit, all in order to hide the severity of the problem and
to cover up their great crime. And, the great dying will only escalate
in intensity.”

“Yet, Father, if so many die now, they will die in their sins and will
go to hell. Oh, Father this is so sad!”

“Yet, My Little One, I have warned the people of this nation for many
years to repent! They have not repented and most will not repent, but
will die in their sins.”

“Oh, my Lord, how long will you continue to put off this coming
devastation in the Gulf?”

“My Little One, My love for My people is great and My mercy is great,
but this great catastrophe will not be long averted. For, the time of
great woes has come upon America and upon the whole world.

Go in peace, My Little One; for even as You have so suffered and
travailed as the Woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve, others must also
suffer and travail, even as it is appointed to them to do so! Yet,
many, many the world over will die; for it is appointed unto them to
die in these terrible times. And, regretfully, most will die in their
sins. Post this as Part II of this chapter. I am your Father Yahweh,
yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of August, 2010,

Linda Newkirk
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