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Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:12 am
As an active long-time Christian, I have been asked over the years
about problems in the bible. Most have been easily dismissed due to
the persons 'ignorance' of the subject in question or due to context
issues. There are though many things in the scriptures that are
problematic, such as the many differences in the Passion narratives.
To me as a good Christian, you can't stick your head in sand and
totality ignore them. Many issues are not all that bad and end up
being "Who cares" type problems. There are many that are not this way
and once you take account of them, the smaller issues may cause others
a problem as a whole. For most, faith always wins out (as it should)
but believers should not be ignorant of the issues. I always tell
folks that the word gives "Truths" and not so much the "truth" all the
time (though most of the time it does and does very well) I let them
know the bible is not perfect, but is still the word of God.

Here is my list of "differences" in the passion story. Many are just
that, differences in the telling but not inconstancies. Though some
could be viewed
as a problem.

In the love of Jesus
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