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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:34 pm
Subject: Where Did The Cherokee Nation Come From? Oct. 25, 2008.

My great, great, grandmother was a full blood American Indian. I
get along great with Inidans. My friend Larence Wilson recently died
at 56 years of age. He was called by his friends, La. He was a
s-iritual leader of some of the Wi-wok Indians. My friend on the
internet is DK and he an Indian. We get a long fine and went of a
hike up to Panther Meadows on the sides of Mt. Shasta to look for
the door that goes inside the mountain.
A storm came up suddenly with rain, lightening, thunder and a high
wind. We decided it was not a good day to die so we left the
mountain in great haste.

Here is some information about the Cherkee people.


Quote from the book:

This is from the book Voices of Our Ancestors: Cherokee Teachings
from the Wisdom Fire by Dhyani Ywahoo.

Tsalagi Elo - our philosophy, our oral tradition - tells how the
Principal People, the Ani Yun Wiwa, originated in the star system
known as the Pleiades, whence first arose the spark of individuated

From the mysterious void came forth a sound, and the sound was
light, and the light was will, intention to be, born of the
emptiness: "Creator Being," fundamental tone of the universal song,
underlying all manifestation. Compassionate wisdom arose as will
perceived the unmanifest potential of mind streaming forth. Will and
compassion together gave birth to the fire of building intelligence,
and thus was formed the s-cred triangle from which all matter is
derived, the Three in One. It is a mystery, we say.

The first "thought beings," tla beings, carriers of mind's pure
light, existed like cells in one body, of one mind and purpose: to
explore the mysteries of mind. Coalescing along twelve vortices of
activity, elemental lines of energy or force, mind took form, the One
became the many. Star Woman fell to Earth, opening the way for star
beings to manifest upon Earth the light of pure mind. The Three
Elder Fires precipitated the planets and the animals, while the
people were the dream children of the a-gels, their dreaming arising
with the primordial sound.

The twelve original tribes of the Tsalagi Nation each exemplified a
particular vortex of activity, a particular creative energy, all
moving cohesively together.

Tribe Activity/Energy

1 Quality of will. Crystal caretakers, maintaining clear thought
and rituals to keep form in order. Timekeepers, drummers.

2 The healers, caretakers, high teachers; the Peace Chief who never
sheds b-ood.

3 Those with understanding of sac-ed geometry and astronomy,
watchers of the skies, giving instruction on proper building.

4 M-sons, builders of the form shaped by the Three. Local
administrators, responsible for good clan and community relations.
Craftspeople, creating objects of beauty for p-ayer, contemplation,
and utility.

5 The scientists, mastering and teaching the wisdom of
particulars; observing patterns and possible futures.

6 Great caretakers of the temples and h-ly gardens where the
sa-red food is grown for the communities. Keepers and manifesters of
the ritual form.

7 Sac-ed warriors, warring on ignorance; the shakers,
transformers, life force makers; guardians of correct action.
8 Ambassadors with other realms, having access to consciousness
(this the Ani Gadoah are particularly known for, with their great
accessibility to other realms). Planetary understanding; assisting
in planetary weather system, distributing energy for the benefit of
all beings.

9 Communicating with stars, creating inventions for clear
communication. May bring forth new plants to feed the people.
Expressing a more ethereal manifestation of the conscious building
seen in the third line of force. Magnetizers, world shapers.

----Of the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth lines of force we do not
speak, for their function is beyond words; it cannot be cognized.

These star people came to Earth in Elohi Mona, five islands in the
Atlantic Ocean, later known as Atlantis.

Before the star people came there were great waters upon the land,
and male and female still existed in one body. There was emotional
nature but not yet the mind to actualize and complete the intention
of Earth being a place of learning, a place of dreaming what is good.
So the purpose of individuation of mind and the descent from the
stars was to quicken life upon the Earth. The star energy came to
spark the fire of mind, that all might return again to the Mystery.
The human being is much like the salmon; we all come forth from the
lake of clear mind; we swim out into the ocean of experience, with
its many lessons and opportunities and illusions - and as the salmon
finds again the stream that leads it back to its spawning ground, so
too must human beings find and follow the stream that will bring them
again to the clear vast light.

The star children, the Sac-ed Seven, primary energizers, were
greeted by the Children of the Sun, already living upon the Earth, in
the A-ericas. They had been attuned, through crystal and sound, to
receive the inpouring of pure mind carried by the star beings. The
Sun Children were the true Earth people, in that they first
experienced individuated mind while on Earth, as the dream children
of the star beings. The first to come forth from the Pleiades were
the Adawees, great ang-lic beings; in contemplating form, in dreaming.
They precipitated the Earth and its peopling in concordance with
the great principle of creation. It is taught in this way that all
human life originated in the Am-ricas, whereas the Sac-ed Seven
originated as seeds of pure mind in another star system.

That the seed of pure mind might become firmly rooted upon the
Earth, it was decided by the Adawees, the Seven Before the Throne on
High, that those who came from the stars were to marry and bring
forth children with the Children of the Sun, and that at some time
those of Earth would come to full ascendancy. It was known that in
this process there would be periods of great travail and confusion
until there was clear recognition of mind, that sacred fire burning
bright within all people.

What we see today is that prophecy come true. Those who believe in
the primacy of matter seek to manipulate and curtail the fire of
clear mind and spi-it. Ming of separation, mind of domination, these
have birthed genocide of Native peoples throughout the world, the
Inquisition and the N-zi holocaust in Europe, the destruction of
lands, cultures, and peoples in Asia, and the invention of we-ponry
with power to k-ll all people on Earth twenty times over. In the
Tsalagi teachings such great sufferings are seen as unnecessary.
They are the result of pride, the idea that one is better or more
important than another. In reality, in the circle of right
relationship, there is no above and no below, no in or out; all are
together in the sa-red circle.

Thus the Sacre- Seven intermarried with the Children of the Sun,
the Earth people. Their descendants in North Am-rica are the
Tsalagi, Creek, Choctaw, Yuchi, and other Red nations of the
southeastern Un-ted States, each nation having a particular function
in the hoop of life.

The islands and civilization of the Elohi Mona were eventually
destroyed through the arrogance and ignorance of those who abused the
sa-red power, seeking to enslave others. Through lust and grasping,
a few carriers of the starseed became enmeshed in the material world;
instead of seeking to educate and enlighten, they sought to
manipulate and oppress. Such thought forms were antagonistic to the
very elements holding the people and the islands together. The form
would no longer hold them, for they went against the sacr-d law,
which is cohesive. Thus over a ten-thousand-year period the islands
began breaking up and the great migrations of the people began. It
is in this way that give of the original twelve tribes were lost and
their seed dispersed throughout the remaining seven tribes (or "
types" of people).
From these seven tribes many people in North Amer-ca today can
trace some affinity to the Tsalagi Nation.

The people found their way through South and Central America and
eventually met with people living in what is now called the Four
Corners area. There were many migrations. Similarities in Native
languages throughout the Ame-icas are indications of common origins
and meetings. Before the coming of the Europeans, just in North
Am-rica alone there were over 587 different Native nations and
languages; in the 1600s there were some sixty million Red people in
what is now called the Un-ted States. Now there are perhaps two
million. This is the result of deliberate genocidal destruction of
life, land, language, science, art, r-ligion - a result of people
ignoring or fighting the natural wisdom light, forgetting that all
humans are relatives and that we all are to care for one another and
for our mother, the Earth.

In the course of the many migrations people settled in groups in
different places, yet their common roots may be known and honored.
Long ago the Tsalagi and the Iroquois were one people, for example,
and in the Tsalagi language the root stock, Algonquin, is still
discernable. Tsalagi and Maya once shared the same re-igious
practices; the Mayan seed and nobility was of the star people also.
The two peoples diverged over the Aztec imposition of rituals and
bl-od sacrifice opon the peaceful religion and way of life of the
Principal People. Such practices were not part of the original
teaching, and much of the community of sp-ritual relationship and
exchange among these people ended when the Aztecs "conquered" the

Thus the mound builders, the temple keepers of the Amer-cas, trace
their migrations to the land of Elohi Mona. In North America they
built a strong creative culture and civilization, from the
southeastern to the southwestern parts of the present Uni-ed States
up into Canada. The mound society, or temple society, was composed
of four levels of people. The Sun People were the rulers, in that
they very clearly manifested the light of clear mind for the benefit
of all; then there were the nobles, the average people, and the
"stinkards". The stinkards were those who may not have honored the
clarity of mind or allowed the fire to burn brightly; they probably
did the work of butchering, tanning, and so on.

(JW That's all I have of this material. I erased the rest of it
by mistake. If any one has the remainer of this material, please
sent it to me.)

John Winston. johnfw at (no spam)
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