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Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:03 am
W.H. Press Secretary Gibbs : " I hear these people saying he's
( P.Obama ) like George Bush ...."

Dear Gibbs , don't leave now and leave the neocons behind to
destroy America , and what many people are saying is that in some key
issues there has been almost no change :

a) the extreme neocons that pushed the Iraq war on TV, Radio and
Newspapers every day from 2001 to 2003 and beyond, the "shock and
awe" crowd of Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Kristol, Uhlman, Abrams,
Rubin, Goss, Kissinger, Lehrer,Cohen, Emanuel, Holbrook,Chertoff,
Murdoch, Bolten, etc., are still out there on the "spin and lies"
networks lying every day , some even "promoted" and making big money
too ! and where is the responsibility ? where ?

b) the big pushers of the 2008 Financial Derivatives Disaster, where
the USA lost 5 trillion dollars in cold cash and 8 million jobs don't
even got a slap in the hand, people like Greenberg and Richard
Holbrooke of AIG kept their profits and the last one now is
Ambassador ! , Rubin and Greenspan went on to bigger things, Bernanke
and Geithner and Shapiro and Gensler and many others at the regulatory
agencies got promoted !, and on and on....

c) the carpet-bomber of Vietnam, Kissinger , got more advice contracts
and "total silence" about his part in the disaster ( read the story
about General Lavelle taking the blame for the Nixon-Kissinger Vietnam
mess ) ....

d) the FCC , under "Cable Guy" Genachowski, is as expected , about
the steal the wired and wireless Internet for a very few big Phone and
Cable Companies, and he still there making the "theater"...and what
about the promises in 2008 ?

e) the Hedge-Funds , Money Managers and Private Equity Partners behind
the 2008 Financial Disaster were and still are some of the biggest
stockholders in the Iraq-Afghanistan War " Military-Security-
Intelligence" Contractors, the only ones making huge amounts of
profits from these wars, and no one in the media gets even "permission
' to talk about them ! and much less anyone takes any responsibility
about their criminal war profiteering !

f) the Federal Reserve just bought 1.2 5 trillion dollars in
Commercial Real Estate Securities and Mortgages , but Washington D.C.
says there is no money for the Middle Class and the Working Class !
where are the Conservatives and the Liberals when the Fed bails-out
their friends in the " R.E. Speculation Club " ? where ? and you, dear
Gibbs, where were you ? did they even tell you ? so they print new
money to bail-out real estate speculators but not taxpayers, right ?

g) we were stuck with the Middle East power players ( Saudi Arabia and
Israel ) with the Cheney-Bush team, and we are still stuck there with
the new team, so where is the change ? .....and because what many
already know is that the Fleisher - Bolten -Abrams team in the old
W.H. is the same as the Summers-Emanuel-Axelrod in the new one, is the
same agenda with a different lunch menu...

h) the Media , totally controlled by the neocons, has become a cruel
absurd joke : when Rahm Emanuel went with his son early this year to
Israel to visit friends and family and to fix strategy with Netanyahu
and his Intelligence, no one said a word, but when Michelle Obama went
with her daughter to Europe on vacation, they tried to fabricate a
scandal with gossip and to sell TV and newspaper advertisement ? and
you may hate or love Europe, but they are the biggest trading partner
of the USA, we trade almost one trillion dollars a year and more than
8 million jobs in each of these 2 blocks works on that trade, but i
guess in neocon TV Lala-Land no ones cares about these facts, right?

And let's be honest , there is a " junk-food and sugar-soda
corporate" attack against Michelle Obama because she wants the kids
in America and the World to eat healthy and stop getting overweight
and sick from junk-foods and sugar-soda and the like, and because this
"designer junk" demands billions of dollars in expensive proprietary
medications, treatments and hospitals visits...and dear Gibbs, why do
we need Federal Judges to stop genetically modified and untested junk
seeds to enter the food system ? where is the change ?

let's hope Michelle Obama continues to fight for the health of kids
and adults and runs for office ,and the same way Laura Bush went to 72
" fundraisers " in the midterm elections, she goes to these events to
push for healthy foods and healthy kids, our future.

Judge Revokes Approval of Modified Sugar Beets

Pesticide Atrazine Can Turn Male Frogs Into Females

Our view on food safety: To protect humans, curb antibiotic use in

Israeli Company Buys U.S. Maker of Herbicide

i ) when the FCIC ( showed the fraud and "cooking
of the books" at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, no one said a word,
why ? maybe because it was Emanuel among many others, signing these
books ? and all the "regulatory agents" above out for lunch ? and they
try to distract everybody with R.Rangel and R. Waters ethics
questions ? what about all the rest ? the real heavy-duty stuff ? and
what about Porter Goss himself, the OCE co-chairman, resigning from
the CIA director's office when the Cunningham-Foggo scandal came
out ? when are we going to get all the truth about these neocons?
when ? ... to see how these " big fat neocons" get away with
everything while they distract us with little ethics issues is
insulting, un-Constitutional and criminal's un-American, but i
guess you cannot talk about it, right?

j) what about R.Frank and S.Menendez , among others, trying to push
online gambling again ? when we all know that only idiots,fools and
little children don't know that the House ( the Casino and its
servers ) knows every card and number you get when you play online ?
it's a scam to launder money , avoid taxes and trick taxpayers, and
these guys are still in Congress? and where is the change in all
this ? where ,dear Gibbs ? where ?

and why not tell the American People that TO FINANCE AND PAY FOR THE

k) we see TV "spin and lies" programs every Sunday dividing America,
making sure the Republicans and Democrats are clearly divided and
confronted, weak and distracted, and so that the neocons in these 2
parties ( and the ones disguised as Independents ) can play all sides
and steal from all, and when are we going to kick them out ? when ?
also in PBS, in C-Span, in NPR, etc., we see them dividing the USA,
making a fool out of everybody , day in and day out...until when ?

Perhaps the worst is to see how these neocons ( even some inside the
W.H.) will support whoever sends more money to their "other country"
in the Middle East, never mind which party they are, just whoever
sends more cash and advanced weapons to that "other" country, so that
they can, as usual, re-sell them to India,Pakistan,China, North
Korea ,etc.... and that means they will stab the President and the
VP ,most of you , in the back this November, just as we told them 2
years ago many times ... and where is the change from this criminal
junk to the one with the old White House ? where ?

so dear Gibbs, isn't time to get the neocons out of your team and get
America going with clean green energy and " , commerce and
friendship with all Nations.... "?
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