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Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 2:28 pm
We called ahead to check on the showtime and was told to call back
later. Walked to the box office, the sign said 'Open' no one around.
The evening of the show five friends and I showed up and had to wait
while the box office person found someone who could process a credit
card. Ticket price had been advertised as $8.00, but we were told that
was mistake and was charged $12.00. This for an act you can see for no
cover in bars around the DC area. Food and beverage was higher priced
then the Birchmere or Wolf Trap and service was horrible. Had to wait
ten minutes for a beer and no one else was in line. The show was
supposed to start at 10pm, started closer to 10:30PM and was over at
11:45PM. We complained to the person who we were told was the owner and
he insulted us. The guy had obviously been drinking.
Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 4:15 pm
I went to several film showings when this theater reopened in its
latest guise. I found the theater itself in remarkably good shape and
the staff very nice (don't know if I ever talked with the owner). When
the theater originally (re)opened they were showing some of the more
off beat and less widely released films. I found projection and sound
quality-bearing in mind I am not a projectionest-adequate but with some
limitations. The screen is fairly small due to the limitations of
proscenium opening (which is not very wide but is VERY high) and has no
masking at all - not even side masking - as nearly as I could tell and
I am unsure if the projection ratios for both flat and scope are
correct. There was no curtain in use or visable (except for a very
large valence) although there may be a curtain that is flown. Despite
all this, admission was reasonable and to see a more unusual film I
could accept some limitations in presentation.

However, the theater has for the most part been showing primarily
general release films and there are just any number of other places to
see those films with much better presentation, albeit w/o the
'ambience' of an old theater. Accordingly, I have not been back to the
theater for some time. I can't be too critical of the management
(rudeness and a little tipsiness was -hopefully- just bad timing) as
running a single screen theater in a major metropolitan market has just
got to be one of the most difficult (but possibly also very rewarding)
tasks that anyone could try to accomplish, and the Old Town Theater has
been nothing if not creative in trying to keep the theater going.
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