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Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:08 pm
I realise that the dubious activities of the self styled Spanish
College of arms have been discussed (quite rightly) at length on this
forum but I think it is worth resurrecting for the sake of consumer
(sucker?) protection.

I access this forum via Google Groups and other readers using that
media will know that Google uses cleaver technology to "read" the
relevant topics and place on its pages adjacent to those topics links
which it feels are appropriate to the discussion. Whilst reading the
baron courts thread I noticed a Google link headed "Nobility & Feudal
Titles" "French, Italian and German Titles Legally Recognised Noble
Titles " so I clicked on the link.

Take a look at their "Last Offers" page:

There are numerous titles offered for sale (or should that be
"brokered"? I seem to remember that Mr. Hogarth of the Baronage Press
argued that he wasn't "selling" French titles but simply brokering
them) but note the sale/brokerage of a princely title with the right
of fons honorum and the offer to "reinstate" an ancient Order to allow
the "Prince" to grant knighthoods.

"We have now available only and exclusively for selected customers an
impressive nobility package:

We have the power, knowledge and legal capacity to offer the following
titles, privileges and honours in a single package:

- A German Principality

- An Italian Princely Title

- The right of Fons Honorum: The Italian Princely Title comes with the
right of Fons Honorum. This means that the holder of the title will be
able to issue knighthoods legally.

- The holder of the title will be legally the Grandmaster of An
Ancient Order that we will reinstate ex profeso for the purpose of
issuing knighthoods.

Therefore, We give our customers the legal right to issue knighthoods.

The asking price is of 250000"

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