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Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 5:45 pm
Hi Everyone,

This is the other chair that currently has me thinking.

It is a Mundus Chair from Vienna in Austria. Unfortunately the spider
dirt needs to come off and there is a bit of ply missing from the top.
But still interesting from a museum point of view.

There is a little bit in Wikipedia

but no mention there of "Mundus Teschen" or similar stamped on base,
there is another stamp identifying Vienna in Austria, and a partly
obliterated label that identifies Josef Jaworek / mobelfabr .....

So far I have worked out this chair is somewhere in the Bentwood
family, but if anyone can help me with an approximate date it would be
really appreciated. Like - does this look like 1890s, or 1920s etc.


complete dummy when it comes to dating chairs.
Actually, there is one other chair that I wouldn't mind comment on ...
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