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john ogden
Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2004 11:29 am
Hi there, I am selling my old Falhawk THP Platinum AVS Precision sport kite
on ebay.
It needs a little bit of work, but will be a great kite for people
interested in trying competition flying.
I didnt want to get rid of it, as I have so few kites left now, and I dont
want to feel I have lost all contact with the kite world.
However I am trying to get my art career up and running and so until
everything is established, I have to keep dealing with the day to days
If you at all interested have a look please.

For anyone interested in my artwork.
I am a specialist in dance inspired oil paintings, and figurative
vouyeristic oil paintings.
I will have my own website up and running in a few days

Any old friends please keep in touch
John Ogden, Boop Troop International Kite Team
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