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Posted: Sat Oct 30, 2004 8:19 pm
Vintage Army Jeep Pedal Car, c. 60s

This 1960s vintage Army Jeep Pedal Car is in good condition. It is a jeep of
OD green color. The car measures 40 inches long x 18 inches high x 14
inches high. It has a US Army Star on the front hood, and (U.S.A.) on the
rear deck. On each side is marked, (USA 82412) and has a Army Star. The
front grill is silver and below the grill is marked (USA 82412). The car has
8 inch diameter yellow wheels with rubber tires. The car is missing the
steering wheel (can be replaced) and the rear has a small dent. There is no
rust to the exterior. The inside is clean. I have taken several pictures to
show the overall condition. This can be an easy restoration project that
would increase the value to the car.
To see pictures, please view at:
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