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Les Cargill...
Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:20 am
I am using a trio of WRT54G wireless APs running dd-wrt. Two are
configured as wireless bridges. One is configured as an AP.

On the WinXP machines, DHCP over the wireless bridge does not work.
On the sole Vista machine, DHCP works over the wireless bridge. And
DHCP works fine for an additional Vista laptop, and worked when I
used a USB thumb adapter on one of the XP machines ( that failed,
and inspired the purchase of one of the WRT54G to replace it ).

I haven't gotten a sniffer out after it, but any clue as to why? That
the Vista machines both work seems to indicate that the bridge
forwards everything. I'm fairly sure wireless bridging on the
WRT54 dd-wrt firmware is not a full learning bridge.

Both XP machines are at SP2.

Les Cargill
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