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Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:47 pm
Am 14. August 2010, Samstag Nachmittag in SB/RB.


Yesterday I was stuck more than usual
at RB, so I endeavored to inaugurate
the WhoBe module from MindForth into the JSAI.

First I had to set up the same sequential order
of about four JSAI modules so that they would
conform with MindForth. One or two of the
modules were only barely or non-existent
in the JSAI. I had to bring in about two
new variables from MindForth. Then I had
to use several diagnostic "alert" messages
to track down why the WhoBe module was not
issuing any output or issuing incomplete
output, e.g., "WHO" without a be-verb. I
had to re-arrange the activand concepts in the
module. But gradually I obtained WhoBe functionality
in the JSAI. When I started the AI and let it
run to the first
call, it said, "YOU WHO ARE YOU".

I uploaded the JSAI to SCN late at night.
By this morning, three or four different
domains had come and looked at it.

The 13aug10A.html JSAI was a major update,
carefully annotated with JavaScript "//" comments.

I wonder if the visitors to
bother to look at the underlying
code. I wonder if anybody or any outfit is
following my AI code-releases with anticipation
or with keen interest.

I wonder if people will recognize the
functioning mind in the code and pick up
the AI work and run massively away with it.

I am barely able to do the AI coding that I
do. I have so many things to keep floating
in my mind while I code. And yet I suspect,
or cling to the belief, that I have to show
the world how to code AI with my
"proof of concept" software, and then the
vast hordes of AI programmers will take
over from me and cambrially explode the
AI phenomenon.

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