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Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 6:28 pm
I installed USB based (3G) modem, which lead to a strange problem. Please
help if you can, I've tried everything I can think of.

- After installing the modem first some socket connections couldn't be
established, then it became denser, now only about 1/20 succeeds
- The first socket after opening up internet connection always works, after
that it's about 1/20 or 1/30 or something like that
- The problem occurs with all means of connection (Ethernet, WLAN, modem)
- The problem occurs with all TCP types of connection (Telnet, SSH, HTTP,
etc), ICMP works alright
- The problem occurs in all networks I've tried
-> It looks like TCP packets are sent out because on connection tries the
amount of transfered data increases, but received amount stays the same,
meaning either that the target never receives the packet or its return
packet never reaches my computer
- Establishing network connection doesn't give any specific error, e.g.
telnet just says 'connection could not be established'
- If I use localhost listening socket (e.g. ssh tunnel to http-proxy), the
connection doesn't even reach that meaning that not even localhost
connections are working
- Web browser doesn't return any errors, clicking a link just doesn't do
anything (besides on that 20th try or so), which leads me to believe that
packets don't even reach gateway. Although routing table looks alright, e.g.
with Modem connection the primary gateway points to localhost
- Windows firewall is off and I don't have any other firewalls
- In Safe-Mode everything works alright, starting XP in 'last good known
configuration' doesn't help
- Uninstalling the modem doesn't help

Hopefully someone has an idea what I could do. Thanks in advance.
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