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Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 5:11 pm
Can anyone comment on Applix TM1 Web and Executive Viewer? I note the
thread "technology underlying TM1 Web".
This post is quite old now, so can anyone provide an update on any
improvements to Applix's Web product?

I've read the link below (which is from an Applix TM1 user's community
To say the least this user is quite dismissive of TM1 Web.

On the other hand our rep is assuring me these issues are no longer a
problem, but he can't give me any convincing reference sites to allay
my concerns. The TM1 Web demo was not convincing in terms of stability
and much of the capability was smoke and mirrors, and not well thought
through. And so, I am looking further a field for consideration.

Anecdotally I've heard that TM1 Web is still slow (especially with
more than a few users) and has WISIWIG/rendering issues with anything
more than basic Excel formatting in published reports.

At a minimum we were looking for features that only seem to be
available in a combination of both Executive Viewer and TM1 Web in one
product (eg write back and dashboards). I've also been told these 2
products have been integrated. Is this the case? The TM1 blog at
Vector Space seem to think there are "more questions than answers
about Temtec (Executive Viewer) and TM1 Web see

Perhaps I've answered some of my own questions, but I look forward to
the views of others, being persuaded otherwise, or perhaps even a
lively debate.

By the way a further frustration/concern for us is that Applix also
seem to be having product stability issues right at the moment:http://
The SunTrust report on Applix says: "The latest product release was a
little sloppy and the company has
had to scramble to fix some early release issues."
A fix for this withdrawn releases is still not available!!!
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