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Timo Salmi
Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:38 am
Sun 30-Oct-2005: I have released an update

143047 Oct 30 2005 Useful NT/2000/XP script tricks and tips, T.Salmi

Added the new scripts
MAILDATE.CMD Build a message's "From" header
WAKEUP.CMD A reminder desktop alarm clock

Added to FAQ file 1CMDFAQ.TXT "NT/w2k/XP script tricks and tips":
119} How can I remove any leading zeros from an unsigned integer?
120} How do I use AND/OR/XOR/NOT operators in an IF statement?
121} How do I make a simple reminder to pop up on the desktop?
122} How do get a list files present in folder A but not in folder B?
123} How to test if a file is in a folder or below two or more times?

Rewrote the badly broken script-only solution in
19} How can one build a delay / sleep / wait procedure for a script?

As usual also made some minor additions and corrections to a few
other items.

All the best, Timo

Prof. Timo Salmi ftp & archives
Department of Accounting and Business Finance ; University of Vaasa <> ; FIN-65101, Finland
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