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Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:13 pm
Thurs.16.SEP.2010 -- NounPhrase Inhibition.

The JavaScript artificial intelligence (JSAI)
is ready for the implementation of the neural
inhibition which figures prominently in the
MindForth AI. The JSAI will first inhibit
predicate nominatives in the NounPhrase()
module, so that answers to the query
"what are you" may cycle through a series
of valid responses as the AI Mind tells
the human user what it knows about itself
in self-referential thought.

When we start the 16sep10A.html JSAI running
and immediately ask it "what are you",
it responds by saying "I WHO AM I".
This response indicates to us that
the "I" concept, although activated
by the question, has so low an activation
that it can not generate a thought from
the knowledge base (KB).

We go into the ReActivate module and we
force the concept of "I" to issue a spike
not of zero (as it was), but of thirty-two (32).
Then the input of "what are you" evokes
"I HELP KIDS", but we want "I AM" (something)

Fri.17.SEP.2010 -- Metempsychosis

Yesterday we programmed the JavaScript
program in a marathon coding session
without recording the steps we took,
other than as transient code-comments
that may be deleted after appearing in
one or more archival releases of the
free AI source code. JavaScript is
much more opaque than Forth in letting
you know what is happening deep inside
the artificial mind. We were so eager to
implement neural inhibition that we began
rapidly trying one thing after another
just to get some inhibited, negative
activations to show up in diagnostic mode.
Finally we uploaded our code at 10:56 p.m.
and by 11:09 p.m., Netizens were already
typing in the URL or clicking a link to
have the AiMind flit across the Web and
take up residence in the MSIE browser
on their own suddenly intelligent computer.

Fri.17.SEP.2010 -- AI4U Royalty Check

Recently sent us another royalty
check for the AI4U textbook published in 2002.
We advise people _not_ to buy AI4U, because
only geniuses can understand that book. It is
by no means an "AI For Dummies" publication.
We mention the AI4U book here and now for
two reasons. Firstly, our JSAI software is
the same, but further evolved, JavaScript AI
program as code-listed towards the end of
the AI4U textbook. Therefore any genius
interested in the diachronic history of
the JSAI may find the AI4U book useful to
see how the JSAI started out. Secondly,
although we published AI4U for many
different reasons, the fact that geniuses
and Nietzschean philosophers and Steppenwolves
are still buying the book, eight years later,
fills us with AI coder ambition to make AI4U
a worthy purchase for you geniuses and to
thank you.

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