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Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:31 am


With immense pleasure we, on behalf of Department of Computer
Engineering, IT-BHU, invite you to participate in Codefest, a
completely Online technical festival, which is being organized by our
department for the very first time from 25th January to 21st March,
2010. It includes exciting competitions on Application Development,
Algorithms, Programming & Logic and Mathematics and is open for
participation from students & professionals all over the globe.

Event Details:

* GumboRumble : Adobe sponsored 2 months long application
development competition, where participants shall be using AIR2.0 SDK
platform (Flash 10). Team of 2 members.
* Manthan : An algorithm intensive programming competition on the
lines of ACM-ICPC, with 8-10 problems and time duration of 5 hours.
Solutions can be submitted in 35 languages. Team of 3 members.
* Code Warrior : Test of overall aptitude and problem solving
skills. The event comprises of problems on Puzzles, Algorithm
Designing, Debugging & Programming. Submission time shall be 10 days.
Team of 2 members.
* Perplexed! : C obscure Programming Competition, to get in-depth
knowledge of C. Simple Programming Problems with constraints on the
use of header files and tokens like semicolon, keywords (for, if,
switch, etc). Event shall comprise of 6 8 Problems to be solved in
time duration of 12 Hours. Team of 2 members.
* Mathmania: An event with Challenging Mathematical Problems as in
Project Euler, comprising of 10 questions and time duration of 6
hours. Individual event.

Visit our website to get more details. Sample problems are also

Why should you participate?

* Easy to participate - As all the events are completely online,
you can participate from anywhere & form teams with anyone round the
globe. Besides, all the submissions will be through our website
* Challenge yourself - All the questions will be new, challenging
& fun-filled. Its a test of how wise your grey cells are.
* Learning Platform - Best solutions will be made available after
each contest. All your doubts will be answered at our forum. Get to
know about your short comings & discuss strategies to improve them.
* Enlarge your Technical Circle - Compete & get in touch with top
programmers round the globe through discussion forums.
* Exciting Prizes - Lots of exciting prizes are to be won Smile.
Details of prizes will be available soon on our website

Still have any questions? Please go through FAQ . For further
questions email us at codefest at (no spam) or contact the following:

* Shishir Mittal +91-9936-180-121
shishir.mittal.cse06 at (no spam)
* Shashank Tyagi +91-9651-422-932 shashank.tyagi.cse06 at (no spam)
* Gaurav Kumar +91-9005-729-272 gaurav.kumar.cse06 at (no spam)
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