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Van Scarlat...
Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 1:19 pm
Hi guys,

I have a very peculiar but interesting problem with two of my
workstations in a 45 NIC LAN. I tried to find a resolution for this
problem but, nothing helped. I really hope to find an answer here.

The configuration:

- 39 workstations, all MS Windows XP Pro SP3
- 6 servers - mixed: MS SBS 2003 R2, MS 2003 SRV R2, Linux (Debian and
- 2 unmanaged 3COM switches with 24 ports each
- 1 Internet connection used for Internet access and one VPN tunnel
with a second branch for data transfer and replication
- The Internet connection is ADSL using a CISCO router 8xx series and
a SecureComputing SG-560 firewall
- All the workstations receive dynamic (reserved) IP configuration
from the DHCP configured on the MS SBS server; the IPs are in a non-
routable class

The problem:

Two workstations lose the Internet connection but not the gateway,
while the LAN data transfer works excellent. As symptom, pinging a NIC
on LAN - the gateway, returns <1 MS response time without
interruptions; pinging a host on the Internet ( works
fine but, after a random time, it fails for some minutes returning
"Time Out" (not Destination Host Unreachable"); than it restarts
returning good response times, by itself. I need to emphasize that the
gateway is present in the configuration (ipconfig) all the time.
The problem is really annoying since it disrupts the Internet access
for these workstations.

What I tried:
- connected the workstations directly to the SG-560 firewall on its
own 4-port switch
- changed the IPs
- reinstalled the NIC's driver
- replaced the NIC using a new IP; the NIC was a different brand so it
used another driver
- reset TCP/IP stack (using netsh command)
- reset WIN stack (using netsh command)
- cleared the ARP cache
- power cycled all the networking equipments

So far, nothing helped.

NOTE: the workstations don't differ in any way by the other
workstations in the LAN, as configuration and updates. All the
workstations are IBM or HP. the workstations with problems are: one
IBM, the other HP.

Should any of you have any ideas, please let me know. I really
appreciate any help since I reached the bottom of the sack.

Thank you very much.
Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:15 pm

In article <d66348ab-3122-46d0-a59e-
1dfdbb53edf0 at (no spam)>, razvan.scarlat at (no spam)
how old is the cables? what type? what the overall length of the spider
but I guess I have gave you enough hint to get you started! :-)

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