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Timo Salmi
Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2003 3:32 pm
Thu 11-Dec-2003: I have updated

50398 Dec 11 2003 Useful NT/2000/XP script tricks and tips, T.Salmi, linked

Also available with a version number as
50398 Dec 11 2003 Useful NT/2000/XP script tricks and tips, T.Salmi

Added two auxiliary Turbo Pascal program executables to help in
complicated date calculations. The code is based on what I have in
my separate Turbo Pascal FAQ, item #119. It is true that
these conversions can, and have been programmed in straight script
by others. I did not wish duplicate that work. Even more
importantly, a compiled program is fast if there is, say hundreds of
file datetime stamps to browse in some task.

DATE2NUM.EXE Date into a Julian date number
NUM2DATE.EXE A Julian date number into a date

Added the items
31} How many days ago was 31.12.2003? What date it was a 100 days ago?
32} How can I convert a decimal number to binary, octal, hexadecimal?
33} How can I convert a binary, octal, hexadecimal into a decimal?

The item
"14} Help! My old batch files won't work since there is no choice"
now presents the CHOOSE.EXE alternative. The advantage of CHOOSE.EXE
over SET /P is that the former can handle timed default input. The
CHOOSE.EXE program was included in the package.

All the best, Timo

Prof. Timo Salmi ftp & archives
Department of Accounting and Business Finance ; University of Vaasa <> ; FIN-65101, Finland
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